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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pucko..... That's What I'm Talking About

Ah yes....Sunday funday. Oh what a day. It was a pretty typical Sunday here in Sweden. I woke up (to the sound of the rain) and looked outside to the gray skys above. At that moment I decided today was going to be best spent in front of a computer and a book. After I checked the news of the day I decided to see what I might have in the fridge and make myself some breakfast. The usual, yogurt, toast with a bit of (illegally imported) peanut butter, and to chase it all down....a smooth glass of Pucko. What's Pucko you ask? Good question, and even better lead in to today's 'A Cup For Your Cups'.

Pucko is a chocolate milk who's lore is legend in these parts. I've heard it's known to cure colds, warts, messy relationships and small motor squeaks if added to the oil in the crankcase of your SAAB. It comes in a number of containers....single serve glass bottles when you're on the go, 1 liter tetra pak boxes to stock the fridge, and even 2 dl boxes that you can....... ok, I really have no idea why you need this container as an option, but so be it. I typically buy the liter box so I'm sure to have it on hand when I need a glass. A slight rip of the sealing foil from the spout and you're in. Now, once inside the box the journey continues. You have the option of pouring yourself a glass of the chocolate goodness or simply put your lips on the spout and tip it to the sky. Ummmm....yummy Pucko. I've attached a link to their web page below. Feel free to order yourself a t-shirt or equip your cell phone with their ring tone? Either way you can't go wrong with Pucko. So, to Pucko. Skoal! Today's 'A Cup For Your Cups'.


At December 31, 2008 at 3:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too was once excited to see this drink of chocolate goodness ... and was very much disappointed by the taste. My expectations of chocolate milk goodness were just not met. Perhaps ... it was just too soon after arriving from Canada to be enjoying the Pucko ... maybe I am the Pucko? Regardless ... it has been two years since I last tried it ... maybe I have acquired a taste for this miracle drink. Just like the Julmust ... I did not enjoy it at first ... now I cannot think of enjoying the season without it.



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